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Project Acquisition and Organisation

  • INEAST Consulting and its Partners jointly generate ideas, leads and prospects.
  • INEAST Consulting negotiates and structures each project to develop compelling offers for Clients.
  • The ultimate criteria for the structure and selection of expertise for each project are:
    1.  Total client satisfaction
    2.  Quality and price competitiveness, and
    3.  The generation of top references to secure follow-up business

Contracting and Invoicing

  • After close consultations with implementing Partners, INEAST Consulting Germany concludes direct contracts with Clients.
  • INEAST Partners receive and negotiate contracts with INEAST Consulting Germany with clear job descriptions and terms of payment.
  • Payment and contractual condition are highly competitive and transparent.

Feedback, Training, Optimization

  • We strive to develop a platform that meets the needs and aspirations of Clients and Partners alike.
  • We strongly encourage open feedback from all participants after project completion. Clients and Partners thereby directly contribute to the strategic development, optimization and growth of the INEAST Platform. 
  • Our training and networking events facilitate the personal encounter, exchange of ideas and the long-term co-operation between our Partners.